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Heat-treated and stress-relieved coils provide long-lasting, responsive support in the strategically positioned zones of our base coils and individually wrapped micro-coils.

Where we get it

South Gate, CA

Our coils are sourced from Leggett & Platt’s facility in South Gate, CA. We stand by this company for their 125 years of experience, and for their eco initiative that’s committed to “reducing the use and consumption of valuable resources.”


The material

The coils we use in our spring and hybrid mattresses feature durable steel wires that are heat-treated and stress-relieved, holding their shape for an even and responsive sleep surface. We use the Combi-Zone® unit as the base in our Spring collection mattresses, which has 5 strategically positioned zones to properly support your hips, back, and shoulders. Coils are individually wrapped, which means they move one at a time instead of in large sections like an older spring mattress might. This provides more direct support, isolating motion and reducing partner disturbance.


Why we use it

Spring coils have been used in mattresses for decades, serving those who are looking for a traditional mattress feel. Encasing coils individually and thoughtfully placing in 5 zones improve this classic experience, giving distinct and precise support to different parts of the body. The Combi-Zone® base we choose complies with the supplier’s eco initiative, which focuses on conservation of resources, recyling and reusing, and efficient use of renewable energy sources.

Where we use it

Mirador Mattress

The most natural mattress we offer, the Mirador combines bouncy latex layers with individually wrapped microcoils for an uplifting feeling that brings a new meaning to ‘rise and shine.’

Oceano Mattress

The ultimate in traditional mattress craftsmanship, our Oceano combines an impossibly soft layer of gel memory foam with two layers of responsive, supportive coils.

Oceano Mattress

A base of springy, supportive coils meets a layer of gel memory foam in our Del Mar, a medium-firm bed that will cradle your unique shape.

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