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Natural Latex

Natural Latex

Natural latex is a sustainable and renewable material, harvested from rubber trees in tropical regions, that provides uplifting support in our mattresses and pillows.

Where we get it


Our natural latex is sourced from the southern parts of Vietnam, where the climate for rubber trees is ideal.


The material

Natural Latex is a material sourced from rubber trees, usually found in tropical regions. The trees are tapped for their rubber polymer sap, which is then mixed with a small amount of organic compounds to reach a gel-like state, then poured into a mold where it takes its shape. Compared to synthetic latex, Natural Latex takes less energy to produce, lasts longer, and eliminates health concerns that come along with synthetic materials.

The Natural Latex we use is certified by the Eco-Institut, which means it’s free of synthetic ingredients and contaminants.


Why we use it

Natural Latex is a more durable, and energy-efficient material than its synthetic latex alternatives. Natural latex is soft but supportive, making it a popular choice for use in mattresses, pillows, toppers, crib mattresses, and other bedding.

Its high elasticity, provides a “bounce back” feeling, pushing back on the parts of your body that push down harder while you sleep. It’s also a very healthy and breathable material, allowing for increased airflow that keeps you cool through the night. It has hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial properties, resisting mold and dust mites.

Where we use it

Helena Pillow

Filled with a combination of 100% natural latex ribbons and silky-smooth kapok fibers, this pillow is both fluffy and supportive.

Mirador Mattress

The most natural mattress we offer, the Mirador combines bouncy latex layers with individually wrapped microcoils for an uplifting feeling that brings a new meaning to ‘rise and shine.’

Palmetto Mattress

Popular amongst our eco-conscious customers, the Palmetto uses natural latex to provide a resilient plush feeling for your comfort.

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