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New Zealand Wool


Wool is a natural fiber known for its ability to wick away moisture and regulate body temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Where we get it

New Zealand

We get the wool for our liners from sheep in New Zealand, where their coats provide insulation during harsh winters and stay cool and breathable during the hot summer.

New Zealand

The material

Wool is a completely natural, sustainable, and biodegradable material that’s collected by shearing sheep to relieve them of their winter fleece. Because they produce new coats each year, wool is a renewable fiber, and it can decompose in soil in a matter of years when it’s disposed of. Besides its many environmental benefits, wool has excellent abilities in moderating body heat in clothes and bedding for a comfortable feel in all seasons.


Why we use it

New Zealand wool keeps you comfortable no matter the weather thanks to its ability to regulate temperature. It’s also naturally antimicrobial, repelling moisture from the inner layers of your mattress to keep it fresh and odor free. It also has a chemical structure that makes it naturally fire resistant, contributing to our dedication not to use any chemical flame retardants. We love the many benefits of wool so much that we choose to use it as a liner in all of our mattresses.

Where we use it

Oceano Mattress

The ultimate in traditional mattress craftsmanship, our Oceano combines an impossibly soft layer of gel memory foam with two layers of responsive, supportive coils.

Mirador Mattress

The most natural mattress we offer, the Mirador combines bouncy latex layers with individually wrapped microcoils for an uplifting feeling that brings a new meaning to ‘rise and shine.’

Sequoia Mattress

The Sequoia combines the soft hug of gel memory foam with a buoyant natural latex layer, firm enough to support a delicate back, yet plush enough to contour the shape of your body.

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