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  • Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle
  • Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle
  • Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle

Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle

$ 153.00

Meditation Pillow

  • Designed with guidance from one of LA’s top yoga instructors, Angela Kukhahn (@angelakukhahn)
  • This pillow brings just enough height and support to your meditation practice, allowing the delicate curves of your spine to fall into place for extended periods of comfortable sitting.
  • An upholstered carrying handle allows for easy transport from home to class.
  • Calming waves in the stretch-knit cover are inspired by those found at California’s Crystal Cove State Park.
  • The outer cover is removeable and washable, and the fill is held by an inner liner for easy removal and refilling.
  • Made with natural materials, including a beautiful fill of buckwheat hulls and an inner-liner made of all natural cotton.
  • Great for meditators and yogis of all skill levels and styles, or simply sitting and relaxing

Latex/Kapok Pillow

  • Combines the smoothness of silk and fluffiness of cotton
  • Filled with all-natural latex ribbons that have a responsive feel, providing uplifting support, and silky-smooth kapok
  • Perfect fit for people who switch between multiple sleeping positions, because it molds to your neck and head
  • The cover is made of organic cotton, grown without toxic pesticides or fertilizers, so you can sleep safe and sound.


  • Aromatherapeutic scents soothe the mind and body, putting you in the perfect state of mind for a great night’s sleep
  • Made using healthy materials like all natural soy wax and essential oils



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