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  • Helena Latex Filled Pillow
  • Helena Latex Filled Pillow
  • Helena Latex Filled Pillow
  • Helena Latex Filled Pillow

Helena Latex Filled Pillow

Natural comfort for better sleep

Fluffy and supportive, our Helena pillow was designed for the eco-friendly among us, with a fill of 100% natural latex ribbons and sustainable natural kapok fibers.


Developed with the health of your sleep and your home in mind, our adjustable pillows are soft, supportive, and built to last.

Helena Latex Filled Pillow


Your Helena Pillow features a double liner of 100% Organic Cotton. An inner liner holds the fill for adjustment and refilling, while the outer liner is removeable for easy washing and care.
Helena Latex Filled Pillow


Our Helena is the most natural pillow you’ll find. With a fill of 100% natural latex ribbons and luxurious natural kapok fibers, you’ll feel good about getting great sleep.


Our all-natural Helena pillow is the favorite amongst our most eco-friendly customers. Filled with a combination of 100% natural latex ribbons and silky-smooth kapok fibers, this pillow is both fluffy and supportive. With resilient latex responding to your movements through the night, the Helena is great for those who sleep in multiple positions. A zippered opening makes it easy to remove or add fill to your desired comfort level, and the 100% organic cotton cover and pesticide-free kapok mean you can sleep safe and sound.

Key Features

  • 100% Organic Cotton Cover
  • All Natural Kapok + Latex Blended Fill 
  • Zipper makes it easy to add or remove fill to adjust to the perfect size and firmness for your needs


Brentwood Home takes care of you and your home with healthy, natural products. Now it’s time to take care of your Helena Pillow.

Spot clean your pillow with a damp, white cloth, allowing it to air dry in a sunny, breezy spot. If you want to fluff your pillow, you can place it in a tumble dryer on cool. Just a reminder - we don’t recommend using bleach on any Brentwood Home pillows.



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