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5 Ways to Fall Into Autumn

It's September already? Just yesterday it felt like summer was starting, and now the days are getting shorter. Since autumn is here, it’s time to start thinking about how to embrace the season before it’s gone!


Revamp Your Environment 

The changing season is a perfect time to declutter your space (and with so much extra time at home, it's particularly important!) and liven it up with some fall colors. Try a tabletop sign or a premade foliage arrangement to add color to your space! To stay organized, the addition of a desk organizer can help separate your belongings as well as showcase the new decor. These small adjustments to your living space will help keep you organized and will be sure to brighten your day. 


Practice Self-Care

As we tend to focus so much of our energy on others as we near fall (and the holiday season), it’s important to reflect on how we can also focus on ourselves. As autumn is the season for change, it’s important to reflect on our self-care and change with the season as needed!

One way to promote self-care is journaling. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, journaling can help decrease stress. This can be especially helpful when thinking about end-of-year deadlines. Keeping your thoughts and feelings in one place helps to declutter your mind and ultimately find a solution in the chaos. 

Another way to redefine your self-care is to understand your menstrual cycle. This might not be something we always think about, but focusing on the ways your body is affected every day by processes like your period can help you further understand your inner self and how you need to care for yourself. Furthermore, maximizing the understanding of your available options is key to staying comfortable throughout your cycle. If you’re noticing that pads can be irritating or you’re spending too much on tampons, give thought to a silicone-based menstrual cup. This is a cost-effective alternative to your routine that is not only safe to use but also eliminates the need to change out every few hours, making it more convenient for any autumn activities you have planned. 


Eat Seasonal Food 

For many, one major indicator of the autumn season is the crisp flavors. Whether you’re team apple cider or pumpkin spice, there are several ways to incorporate the seasonal flavors into your day!

Autumn is prime apple picking season, which is an activity that you could do with your family or your best girlfriends. One popular way to use apples is to bake a flavorful apple crisp; not too sweet but the epitome of a perfect fall dessert.

If pumpkin is more your flavor, perhaps a pumpkin muffin with streusel will satisfy your fall-flavor craving! Pumpkin is a versatile flavor, so you can use it for sweet or savory dishes. Try a warm pumpkin soup after visiting the pumpkin patch!    


Engage in Fall Activities

Who doesn’t love autumn activities? If apple or pumpkin picking is seeming overdone, wineries are a great option! Depending on your location, you can make a day or weekend trip traveling to local wineries and participating in wine tastings. This is a great way to enjoy the fresh air and explore the natural scenery. 

Or, since it’s football season, why not tailgate at home! You can safely play games like cornhole outside and set up food options like a mashed potato bar for when your favorite team plays. It might not be the same as being at a stadium, but it sure will be close!   


Plan for the Future

The summer seems to last forever, making it easy for the holidays to sneak up on you out of nowhere! Now that it is September, we are in peak time to start shopping for the holiday season. A good rule of thumb is that if you pick up a few things at a time starting now, it’ll relieve some of the stress as we get closer to the holiday dates. 

This trick is also true for holiday cards! You can start September right by establishing a plan. Are you taking family pictures for the card? Think about purchasing the matching outfits now. Or use the time to update your address book; there is nothing worse than mailing out holiday cards and having them being “returned to sender” because of a bad address!

These are just a few ways to not only enjoy autumn to its fullest but to also position yourself to embrace the season accordingly.

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