Brentwood Home

We take the art of comfort seriously.

Esteemed Heritage

Over 30 years ago, our family began crafting mattresses with a team of artisans and fabricators in California. Quality was their first objective — it was rare in an era where big mattress companies dominated the market.

As the next generation carried the business into the digital age, we saw an opportunity to bring that comfort and craftsmanship directly to you. Living well should be within reach, and that means no confusing trips to the store, pushy salespeople, or costly middlemen. That’s why we created Brentwood Home.

Through decades of experience, we have perfected the art of relaxation.
Now it’s easier than ever to live the California lifestyle in your own home.

Maker Spirit

Our skilled craftspeople have been with us for decades, with generations working side by side in our Los Angeles workshop.

Operating our own factory gives us full control over the entire production process, allowing us to source the finest local materials and care for them until the last stitch. From natural fibers to hand tufting.

Brentwood Home reflects the quality and healthy lifestyle California is known for.

Golden State Standards

California is woven into the fabric of everything we create. To us, that means comfort and clean living, and it starts with our materials.

California has always been at the forefront of environmental regulation, implementing policies that are eventually followed by the rest of the country. We meet and exceed these standards by using a combination of organic, nontoxic, and natural materials with no chemical retardants, phthalates, ozone depleters, or heavy metals.

Brentwood Home reflects the quality and healthy lifestyle California is known for.


Our products rest incredibly close to our customers — that’s why transparency is key. Though the brand has evolved, a dedication to honest products has always been the core of our family’s business.

Brentwood Home isn’t just another tech company on the bandwagon, marketing the perfect “one-size-fits-all” mattress. Our decades of experience handcrafting the fundamentals for great sleep has left us with a deep knowledge of comfort, and a passion for our craft.

Only you know what’s best for how you rest, and we won’t sleep until you find it.


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