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Doggie Wellness Influencers on Instagram

Who doesn’t enjoy a salsa dancing French poodle or piano-playing operatic beagle once in a while? Cuteness is just a click away. And sure, adorable puppy videos may feel like a guilty pleasure, but guess what? They’re good for you too! Considering how much fun they are to watch, it’s not surprising that researchers have discovered cuteness has a positive effect on elevating your mood. And when it comes to living well, dogs are experts at relieving stress through playtime, highly compassionate, and always trust their keen instincts. If you know where to look, you'll discover nature-loving rescue pups, bungee jumping chihuahuas, and vegan terriers, spreading pawsitive vibes and wisdom through healthy living.

Here are some feel-good pooches to get you started...



Superstar Chiweenie, Tuna, has some 2 million followers. Follow him and fall in love with his endearing snaggletooth and butterfly ears. Like a quirky little fur fairy, Tuna might just fly away with your heart. Tuna keeps it real and always healthy, enjoying plant-based dinners and leisurely strolls through the park. In addition to Tuna’s Instagram presence, for extra insight, check out Tuna's blog, The Traveling Tuna, complete with the scoop on holistic dog treats, doggie-loving getaways and more.



Karma yogi, Reagan, is a fluffy Australian labradoodle whose best friend is an adopted human toddler, little Buddy. Reagan lives in a boathouse aka floating home on the Columbia River in Portland Oregon. Fun-loving and kind, Reagan, helps children lead better lives, by donating his proceeds to support children in the foster care system. When Reagan isn't being selfless, or enjoying river views, he can be found licking human faces, making TV appearances, and easing into downward doggie on his Yoga mat alongside little Buddy. To learn more about Reagan's books, calendars and more, check out his website.



Ringo embodies a Zen attitude in a graceful four-legged Italian Greyhound body, and barking proof that yogis come in all shapes, and floppy ear sizes. Based in Aruba, Ringo gets his holistic ways straight from his yoga/meditation teacher, dog-rescuing mom, Rachel Brathen (aka yoga_girl). Quite the exotic explorer, Ringo has flown to approximately 30 countries along with Rachel, and featured in Modern Dog Magazine.

Watson & Kiko are warm and fuzzy retriever brothers, who can’t get enough of each other. Watson is white, and Kiko is red with three legs. Follow the lovable duo, and witness their compassionate values, such as this video, mirroring the beauty of differences. Keeping a healthy and sometimes raw diet, the feisty brothers can be found on moonlit mountain hikes, sharing bear hugs at the beach, and practicing self-care with restorative cuddles.



Looking like a vintage teddy bear sprung to life, with curls the color of maple syrup, and curious eyes, Cookie is a Manhattan-based vegan gourmet “trapped in a poodle body.” Cookie enjoys snacking on kale, frolicking through fall leaves in Central Park, and daytime power naps.



Whiskey, 6, and puppy Bourbon, are mindfulness ambassadors with adventurous spirits, reminding you to experience the wonder of nature. Even if you choose to stay inside, you can get a vicarious outdoorsy glow, as you virtually join them on a slushy water hike, travel to the depths of an ice cave, or kayaking under a fiery sunset.



Two tails are definitely better than one for Ally & Lizzie, two golden retrievers, living in Ontario, who illustrate the profound power of friendship. Chasing butterflies that land on their noses, napping on a bed of sunflowers, the outdoorsy BFF's do nearly everything together. Follow along for a daily burst of fur-good energy. 


*Special mention: ella_the_vegan_doggo - Ella, the rescue dog from Portugal, may be under the radar when it comes to followers, but she's a rare find, worthy of attention. A black & white short-haired beauty, Ella's instagram doubles as her vegan food diary. Complete with pumpkin, peas, and flaxseeds, it's chock full of DIY luscious plant-based recipes designed to keep your pooch lean, strong and healthy well into his golden years.



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