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How to Perfect Japandi Design

Muted tones and natural wood furniture. A minimalistic, yet earthy vibe. Functional accents and a cozy quality. Introducing Japandi, the understated interior design trend that blends Scandinavian hygge elements with elegant Japanese style. And it’s about to be everywhere

Interior design in itself is an art — one that requires thoughtfulness, planning, and creativity. Japandi is no different. However, because it combines two distinct, somewhat conflicting styles, the calming, refined aesthetic can be difficult to pin down. So, we’re here to help you understand the basic elements so you can transform your home into a beautiful, Japandi-inspired haven.   

Keep It Natural


Japandi, Interior Design, Hygge


Pared down, no-frills furniture with natural finishes and clean lines is a key feature in Scandinavian hygge design. It’s also a great place to start when crafting a Japandi space. Choose a neutral color — think off-white, sandstone, dusty pink — when selecting a bookcase, shelf, cabinet, side table, or couch for your room. The idea is to create a crisp, bright, airy feel.  

Think Function First


Japandi, Hygge, Interior Design, Minimal Design


Japanese design is all about combining simplicity, functionality, and beauty. It’s important to keep this in mind when picking out décor and accent pieces. Pepper your living room or bedroom with a mix of large and small, art-inspired vases, candle holders, and ceramic lamps. 

Contrast Colors


Japandi, Hygge, Interior Design, Cozy


Soft hues are a major element of the hygge aesthetic, where Japanese design relies on darker shades. Japandi juxtaposes these two principles to evoke a peaceful, meditative atmosphere. To do this in your own home, choose large, minimal art illustrations for the walls, pair your cream-colored couch with a vibrant, forest green sitting chair, and select a mix of black, amber, gray, and white accessories. 

Bring The Outside In


Japandi, Hygge, Interior Design, Plants


Nature and earthy tones are essential to nailing the Japandi look and feel. Large windows are always a plus, and plants are a must. If you don’t have a green thumb, dried or fake flowers are perfectly fine. Whether you’re using real or imitation, make sure you don’t go overboard (stick with 2-3 per room), buy both small stems and large plants, and keep the contrasting color scheme in mind. My suggestion: dried lavender, a small bonsai tree, and a large Bird of Paradise plant.   

Add A Cozy Vibe


Japandi, hygge, interior design, Cozy


If you’re at all familiar with hygge, you know comfort is a central theme. Add a warm and homey feel to your space by incorporating a handful of luxurious throw pillows, a soft area rug, and an elegant wool blanket.  

Avoid Clutter 


Japandi, Hygge, Interior Design, Minimalism


When all else fails, remember — less is more. Japandi is about simplicity, minimalistic, effortless design, so avoid clutter at all costs. 




Meredith Oconnor, OConnor

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