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Introducing the New Super Latte!

What’s your favorite morning brew? Is it a green jasmine tea, a mocha latte, or an old-school java? A soothing constant, yes, but what’s lurking inside your cup may not be as inviting as it looks. Some innovative wellness brands are reinventing the instant latte with health in mind. Imagine a frothy chai or creamy matcha that isn’t just about its caffeine boost but also offers an abundance of superfoods, vitamins, herbs, nutrients, and more. Not only do these lattes boost your energy, but they up your day's immunity and nutrition and they balance your mood!


To gain some insight, I spoke with founders of Clevr Blends and Glow Flow Chefs, two brands that blend the health benefits of probiotics, adaptogens, mushrooms and other nutrients to superpower their lattes.* 


Clevr Blends


Taste was essential when creating Clevr Blends. Chai, coffee, matcha, and golden latte all get their creaminess from oat milk. Co-founder Hannah Mendoza says “formulation was a year long process of kitchen trial and error. Our intention was to ensure our ingredients were even better than coffee shop quality, so we chose to work with some incredible small scale producers that are sourcing the best ingredients in the world, sustainably.” 


What are the ingredients and health benefits of Clevr’s SuperLattes? They “have a powerful blend of 1000mg adaptogens and mushrooms, and 100 million probiotics in each cup. Mushrooms, aside from being energizing, also help regulate our adrenal system and balance cortisol production,” says Mendoza.


Mendoza designed the latte blends to provide lasting energy without the jittery peaks or crashes, usually associated with caffeine. And the initial spark behind the blends was inspired by daily rituals that “nourish you emotionally and physically—rituals you can rely on to make you feel grounded, no matter how your day shapes up, and help you have a moment of self-love. For us, that starts with our coffee and tea ritual,” says Mendoza.


Go Glow Chefs


Kundalini yoga instructor, Amy Leefe-jones, founded Glow Flow Chefs adaptogenic latte blends with her twin sister, holistic health coach/ plant-based chef, Emily Leefe-Foster. After suffering from anxiety throughout their careers, the sisters turned to adaptogens as a holistic means of managing stress. “We created our blends to give people a delicious way to consume adaptogens. Our biggest goal is to help people decrease stress and anxiety.” Sugar free, all lattes are sweetened with stevia. 

Leefe-Jones says all blends include 2 adaptogens: Ashwagandha and Reishi. Chosen specifically for their health/wellness benefits, “Ashwagandha enhances endocrine function, helping to re-regulate the thyroid and adrenal glands. It’s extremely effective for reducing anxiety, fatigue, brain-fog, and stress-induced insomnia. And reishi is known to bring the body and mind back to emotional balance,” as well as strengthen immunity, adds Leefe-Jones. 

Each ingredient was chosen for specific reasons. “All our blends have a synergistic effect. For example, combining turmeric with black pepper and a fat (like coconut milk) makes turmeric more easily absorbed by the body, therefore functions better. As well, reishi is excellent for strengthening the immune system, so combining reishi with turmeric is a double dose of healing. Plus, we added the adaptogen astragalus to enhance its anti-inflammatory capabilities,” says Leefe-jones, adding that Astragalus is used to enhance immunity and prevent numerous illnesses. So all the ingredients work together to create a super immune boosting elixir.  

As for synergy, the same holds true with matcha and cacao. “Combine matcha with lion’s mane and you have more clarity, drive, creativity, and you’re better able to concentrate. And combine cacao with mucuna pruriens, ashwagandha and reishi, and you’ll be feeling on cloud 9. Mucuna elevates mood and creativity,” says Leefe-jones.

In addition to their health benefits, the sisters recommend using a milk frother (available on their website) to mix, and whip up your foam for a luxurious barista vibe. 


Other Super Latte brands to Keep in Mind


Golde - You'll find Turmeric, Matcha, Cacao superfood Latte blends, as well as holistic beauty products crafted from plants. Co-founded by Brooklyn based Trinity Mouzon Wofford, and her partner, Issey Kobori, Golde latte’s help create an inner glow, with ingredients designed to naturally beautify, promote gut health and foster immunity.

Saku Tea - Owned by 3 couples, the company's nutritional latte's are brilliantly colored by nature with ingredients like deep scarlet beetroot that finds its way into the ruby cocoa, and ruby ginger blends. Other exotic superfood lattes include vanilla maple jade, and golden Chai.


*When trying nutritional lattes, keep in mind they have an array of ingredients in the form of herbs, supplements, and other plant-based sources. Before trying, make certain you are aware of each ingredient and that it is safe for you to consume. Check side effects, as well as potential conflicts relating to health conditions or medications. And confer with your medical advisor.



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