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Nature Photographers to Follow That Will Take Your Breath Away

Nature’s magnificence offers  a wellspring of beauty, joy, and serenity for the taking. So powerful is her force that just walking through grass in bare feet, a process called earthing, can deepen your connection with the planet and produce a constellation of mind/body health benefits. So, if you need some time to decompress, lose yourself in a nature photograph... Swim with polar bears beneath snow capped mountains, stroll through a vineyard in the south of France, or marvel at a single lotus blossom. For a dose of virtual renewal visit the universe of these awe-inspiring nature photographers.


Camille Seamen


Camile Seamen is a multiple award winning photographer, with an impressive body of work that includes books and prints. Seaman is also a TED Senior Fellow, Stanford Knight Fellow, and Cinereach FIR Fellow. Shut out distractions and marvel over a pink moon in Ireland, the magnificence of wild Icelandic horses, or curious Peregrine Falcons in Florida. Seaman's extraordinary images are works of fine art that capture Seamen’s one of a kind point of view.  


Emilie Ristevski


Australia based photographer, Emilie Ristevski revels in slowing down long enough to discover the wonders hiding in plain sight. Whether it’s a hot air balloon descending towards the clouds, camels on the beach at sunset, Ristevski's keen attention to detail makes her exquisite photographs worth lingering, and even meditating over. Ristevski's first book is “Forever Wandering: a guide to reconnecting with our natural world.” 


Alex Strohl


With the soul of an adventurer and an artful eye, French photographer, Alex Strohl, takes the viewer to exciting new heights, as he bikes in a glacier park and climbs the steepest mountains; all the while an array of glorious blues and greens, seem to dance under beaming sunlight. Listen to Strohl's podcast Cortado O'Clock with Alex Strohl, for conversations with fellow photographers and explorers. If you fall in love with Strohl's images, prints are available on his website. And if you’d like to get creative yourself, Strohl also offers photography workshops.


Sandy Adams


Solitary blooms and still lives, Sandy Adams hunts for the unusual in ordinary places. In addition to swoon-worthy nature photographs, on Adams' website you'll find textured art, americana, vintage cars, and manmade images.


Paul Nicklen


As the co-founder of ocean conservation organization, @SeaLegacy, protecting mother nature is a passion for Paul Nicklen. Sea wolves amidst crashing waves, a white artic fox blanketed in fresh snow, the National Geographic contributor’s daring images capture rare moments of wildlife in natural habitats that are truly luminous. Subscribe to Nickelen's newsletter, Field Notes: Find out more about his fine art prints and books on his website.


Dudley Edmondson


Author of Black & Brown Faces in America’s Wild Places, Dudley Edmondson, has been a wildlife photographer/filmmaker for over 30 years. As a child, Edmondson first became enamoured with nature, exploring the forest in Ohio. Whether filming on the prairie, photographing plants or animals, an appreciation for the environment is important to Edmondson. In addition to his own extensive works, Edmondson teaches young adults to hike, birdwatch, and enjoy the splendor of the outdoors. As a filmmaker, Edmondson has created documentaries for The Nature Conservancy. To learn more about Edmondson's work, head here.




Part of London’s Natural History Museum, this instagram and website offers an abundance of award winning, and previously undiscovered photographic talents. The world renowned wildlife contest has been going strong since 1965. Discover truly spectacular pictures both from their archives, and current winners, that are funny, awe-inspiring, and deeply moving. After you've purused Instagram, linger in the gallery. And if you're a visionary photographer yourself, consider entering the contest for a massive career boost.



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