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Soothing Flower Infused Coconut Oils — for Healing & Skincare

If we’re not mindful the summer’s rays can deplete vital moisture from our skin. Instead of reaching for synthetic creams that do more harm than good, keep skin nourished all year round by crafting flower infused coconut oils.

Seduced by their lush colors and intoxicating aromas, it’s easy to take flowers at face value… But if we look beyond their alluring scents, we’ll discover that blooms contain some of nature’s most potent healing gifts. And if used wisely, we can harness their curative qualities for wellbeing.

In a sense, what we apply on our skin becomes part of us. So… skincare deserves just as much attention as the foods we eat. Besides being deeply hydrating, coconut oil works as an ideal base with flowers thanks to its abundance of natural beauty benefits. Not only is it antibacterial and anti-fungal, it’s also rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, which helps skin heal and fight inflammation. By pairing flowers with the superpowers of coconut oil, we yield a divine smelling, highly effective, toxin free natural moisturizer. Or... bliss in a Mason jar.

Often making infused oils involves storing jars for weeks in order to allow the plant material to slowly merge with the oil. Another wondrous thing about coconut oil is its resistance to oxidation even at high heat. So by gently warming the oil along with flowers it accelerates the steeping process, allowing the petals to release their magic.

Choose an organic food grade oil. Know that unrefined coconut oil with have a scent and mingle with the floral notes. So for those who prefer no coconut aroma, choose a refined oil, along with pesticide-free flowers.

Use flower infused oils as a facial moisturizer, lip balm or body butter.

What You’ll Need:

8 oz. Mason Jar - dark glass, preferably amber. Blue is fine too.


Measuring spoons

Glass or enamel saucepan

Wood spoon



An ancient healing herb, chamomile is commonly known for healing and calming benefits. When applied topically it helps clear pores, relive minor irritations and has anti-inflammatory properties.


1/2 Cup Dry Chamomile

8 Ounces Coconut oil

To Craft: place the coconut oil in a saucepan on low heat until fully liquified. If using dry flowers, break apart with your fingers into as small fragments as possible. Keep oil hot but not boiling. Stir slowly for 8-10 minutes. Shut off heat and allow mixture to steep for an additional 20 minutes. If oil starts to harden, turn the fire on low to keep liquid, warm but not too hot. Gently press the flowers to the bottom to prepare for straining. Keep mixture fully liquid and strain into a Mason jar.



Depending on how you use it, lavender’s soothing scent can lull us to sleep or wake us up. Applied to skin it’s an antioxidant booster with anti-aging gifts that may help prevent premature wrinkles and age spots. Also, it’s a beautiful antiseptic and natural anti-inflammatory.


1/2 Cup Dry Lavender

8 Ounces Coconut Oil

To Craft: place coconut oil in saucepan on low heat until fully liquified. Never boil. Keep on a low flame. Continuously and gently mash flowers into the oil as you stir to release the flower essence. Heat for 15 minutes. Once fully mashed, shut off flame and let oil sit for 15 minutes. If at oil starts to harden, turn heat on to melt. Strain off into a Mason jar.



A dewy quencher for dry skin, this beguiling bloom helps keep skin youthful by assisting with collagen production. It also accelerates the healing of acne and scars. And if that’s not enough, it also has antiseptic properties. Since it’s highly potent, a little jasmine goes a long way.    


1/4 Cup Dry Jasmine Buds

8 Ounces Coconut Oil

To Craft: warm oil on low flame in saucepan. Add flower buds. Carefully mash flowers as you go. After 10 minutes, shut off heat and allow mixture to steep for 1o more minutes. When the mixture is still fully liquid, strain off into a Mason jar.

When using and crafting natural skincare make sure you are not sensitive/allergic to oil or flowers. Test beforehand and always check for side effects and reactions.  

*For your knowledge, after you craft your floral oil, make a note of when the oil expires on the bottle lid with tape and a marker. Although, since you’ve altered the structure of the oil by adding the flower essence, the mixture will likely expire sooner, when the flower material does. So let your sense of smell tell you when you need to dispose of your oils. To maintain freshness, keep in a cool dark place. Since coconut oil solidifies when cold and melts with heat, if storing in the fridge, leave out for a while to soften before usage.   



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