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4 California Brands We're Buzzing About

Though they bee but little, they are fierce.

That’s right, we’re getting all Shakespearean over bees. We can barely count all of the benefits of using and supporting products from these fuzzy little fellas. Pollen, honey, and wax have endless nutritional, medicinal, and cosmetic uses, not to mention the crucial work these pollinators do for our planet. According to Michigan State University, we can thank bees for pollinating one third of the food we consume.

We all know the bee’s honey works well as a sweetener, but it can also be used to treat skin, hair, and nail issues. Try this combination of honey, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar for a moisturizing hair treatment free of unnecessary chemicals. Pollen can be used in a natural face mask for moisturizing and anti-aging benefits, or in a fruit smoothie to fight allergies and boost energy. Beeswax makes an excellent lip protectant with its ability to lock in moisture, and its therapeutic scent works well for use as a candle. Three natural products, a multitude of uses for a health-conscious lifestyle.

By harnessing the power (and the honey and the pollen and the wax) of the bee, these small businesses based in the Golden State create delicious and healthy products for those looking to bring it back down to Earth.

Backyard Bees

Image: Backyard Bees

Backyard Bees in Orange County, California makes natural honey and beeswax products, and their mini farm makes for a fun and educational day out with the kids. You can find their goodies at local markets around the OC area, and plan a garden tour that includes planting your own seed to take home, petting the resident horses, and sampling Backyard Bees’ honey and lotion. It’s a fun day trip, and you’ll learn a ton about living sustainably and the importance of bees to our gardens.



Sola Bee Farms

Image: Sola Bee Farms

This family has been farming in California since 1861! Sola Bee Farms functions using solar power, and they’re devoted to their green business practices and keeping healthy honeybees. They’re also pretty friendly with the neighbors - some of their bees reside with local wineries, ranchers, and landowners who are kind enough to lend some room for hives. View the shop for items like White Sweet Clover and Wild Blackberry honey, or the Mini Honey Hive gift set to sample a few sweet flavors.


TeePee Bee

teepee bee honergy flavored honey california

Image: Teepee Bee

Frank Bradbury founded Teepee Bee in Oakdale, California because of his concern about the declining bee population. With his business, he hopes to bring more support to local beekeepers and raise awareness about Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), an anomaly in which bees leave their hives and never come back. Teepee Bee produces many flavors of honey (eyeing that Madagascar Vanilla Bean), home and wellness products like beeswax candles, and novelty treats including bubble gum and cotton candy flavors that come in small pouches.


Massey Honey Co.

massey honey co california natural sweetener

Based in Yorba Linda, California, the folks at Massey Honey Co. get their honey directly from the hive. It’s extracted from the comb by hand, and then strained into its raw form. This preserves the many nutritional benefits and keeps the product loaded with flavor. Check out their recipes for delicious cocktail and dessert recipes, then hit the shop for some Almond Blossom, Raspberry, or Buckwheat honey.



Makenzie McNeill

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