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3 Reasons to Love Buckwheat

The buckwheat fill used in our entire Crystal Cove yoga collection has become the signature feature of the series. But what makes this natural material so special and well-received by our customers? Here are three reasons why buckwheat is one of our favorite materials to use.


It’s renewable

One of the reasons buckwheat really stood out to us is that it’s replenishable and renewable. Because we always strive to find the most eco-friendly materials for our products, it was an easy choice over not-so-natural options like polyester or foam. Better yet, we source our buckwheat hulls from a farmers’ cooperative right here in the US.

It eliminates waste

Buckwheat is most often cultivated for use as a food source, and the hulls of the seeds usually get discarded in the process. We thought it was great to be able to find another use for them instead of having this perfectly good byproduct go to waste. Luckily, the collective we work with is able to provide us with the hulls separately, a win-win situation for the both of us. 

It’s functional

None of this would matter if buckwheat didn’t make a an excellent functional choice for our Crystal Cove meditation pillow and new yoga gear. The small hulls have a smooth outer texture that allows the small pieces to slide against each other, adjusting to any body type and position. They’re sturdy and won’t collapse under pressure like foam, so they’ll last through years of repeated use until it’s time to replace them.

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