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7 Ways To Spoil Your Pet This Year

With the new year, we’re focused on how we can set ourselves up for personal improvement. But what about the goals of our most loyal friends? It’s easy to get lax on keeping up with our pet’s needs, but they deserve some TLC, too. Our pet’s wellness should be top of mind right now after experiencing a very stressful year along with their human friends.

How to Pamper Your Pet

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Tending to your pet’s mental health and wellness can be different for everyone. Consider a spa day for your doggo or kitty that includes a much-needed bath, a mani-pedi (you know they need it), and even some teeth brushing (or at least a breath mint, tbh). We guarantee you’ll appreciate this about as much as your pet will. Or, if they’re craving connection, drop them off at day-care for a day of socializing with friends. Basically, give them the day of their dreams. It works for us, so why not our pets?


Refresh Their Space

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Take some time to spruce up your pet’s area. Wipe down their food station and upgrade their bowls and mats. A designated container and area for their toys is a great way to keep track of all their goodies, while also keeping a clean home and teaching them where to keep their belongings. Even our pets could benefit from purging some unused toys. Toss the grungy ones and hide and re-introduce the gently chewed toys as ‘new’ to keep things fresh and fun.


Is It Time For a New Bed?

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Pet beds are another spot we can spruce up. They should be cleaned every few weeks, just like your regular bedding (our Griffith Pet Bed comes with a removable cover for easy cleaning). Everyone deserves to have a comfy and clean place to rest their head, so be sure your four-legged friends are sleeping soundly on a freshly made bed.


Re-Up Your Pet Accessories

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Don’t forget about your travel bags and accessories. With all the extra road trips and long walks, it’s critical to keep your travel gear stocked and ready at all times! This means loading up on snacks and hydration, plus finding the best bag that works for both you and your pet.


Keep Them Fresh

Winter weather wreaks havoc on our skin, so it’s a safe bet that our pets need some extra pampering and love during the cold months, too. Dry, itchy skin, cold noses, and paw care are all essential wellness needs for your furry friends this winter.


Step Up Your Treat Game 

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We all know food is the way to our furry friends’ hearts. Homemade pet treats are always the best way to show your love, especially if someone is feeling a little down lately. Healthy pet treats like dog biscuits and kitty salmon crackers are sure to make your pet feel special.


Spread Pawsitivity

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Believe it or not, mental health and anxiety aren’t just a human thing. Our best buds are surprisingly similar to us. A recent study shows that dog brains bear striking similarities to ours when it comes to how we process emotions. But unlike us, they can’t speak up when they’re suffering. Stay on top of your pet’s mental health by learning to detect signs of distress, such as not eating or not wanting to go outside. Help heal and support your pet’s mental and physical wellness by enriching their lives with exercise and activities they love, like car rides and playing games, as well as knowing when they need a little quiet time.



If you don’t have any pets of your own, what’s wrong with you? Just kidding, sort of… think about hitting up your local shelter if they’re allowing visitors and spend some time with those sweet faces. Snuggle up with your favorite fur-ball and know that your love and attention bring them just as much joy and peace as they bring to you.



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