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Connect With Nature Through Plant Music

Plants are amazing organisms. They clean our air, provide us with nourishment and nutrients, and have healing, medicinal properties. They’re even proven to reduce stress and improve mood. And now, they also play music.



PlantWave is a bluetooth-enabled device that uses two electrodes that attach to a plant’s leaves and detect small electrical variations — called biorhythms — happening inside. These variations are then graphed as a wave and translated into pitch messages that play soothing musical sounds. It’s sort of like having your own personal concert played by your houseplants — each one has a unique wave frequency and individual sound — and there are a handful of ways to integrate your plant’s music into your everyday life. 




Book, Reading, Nature, Houseplants, Relax

The next time you’re planning to spend an afternoon or evening curled up with a good book, move one of your plants nearby and allow their biorhythm to serve as melodic background music. 




Meditate, Houseplant, Plants, Relax, Wellness

Instead of searching “meditation music” on Spotify, hook up a few plants to the PlantWave. Settle in and let the instrumentals help you clear your mind and lull you into a calming state. 




Working, Plants, Home, Computer

Nature sounds are great for productivity. So whether you’re at the office or working from home, enjoy the tranquil notes of your desk plant and soar through that to-do list.      




Nature, Hiking, Explore, Forest Bathing

Take your PlantWave on a trip to the park, a nature walk, or a hike and test out different plants and trees along the way. Every plant has a different sound — see if you can guess which will have high-pitched or more soft tones.



PlantWave is more than an innovative way to bring plants and technology together. It serves as a great reminder of our innate connection to the outdoors, and the importance of taking the time to pause, listen, and ground ourselves in nature. 




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