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5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pet Bed

There's nothing better to do on a cold winter's night than snuggling up in a nice warm bed, and I bet our pets feel exactly the same way. Comfortable, supportive bedding is especially important for our furry friends, who spend significantly more time snoozing than humans (up to 20 hours a day for cats.) Choosing the perfect sleep space for your animals depends on a variety of factors, including your pets age, size, coat thickness, and of course their preference for more or less cushion. Here are five helpful tips to get started.

1. What's your pets cushion preference?

With my dog, if there's so much as a t-shirt lying on the floor, I will most certainly find her curled up on it. Some dogs just need extra cushion--any extra will do. 

A good tip is to first spend a little time observing your pets' habits, taking note of where they like to sleep, and what they like to sleep on. This will give you a good idea of what kind of bed to shop for.

In general, if your pet is older, arthritic, large breed, or shorthair/hairless, a higher cushion memory foam bed or orthopedic bed will provide the support and warmth they require for optimal comfort.

2. One size does not fit all

Some pets prefer the cozy warmth of curling up into a little ball to help them drift off into dreamland, while others will sprawl out as far as their limbs can stretch. Make certain to look for beds that provide enough space based on their preferred sleep positions. Pets who prefer curling up and being cradled may enjoy a round bed or one with side bolsters.

Additionally, measure and weigh your pet before you purchase to ensure that you are getting the right size and thickness.


3. Make sure the cover is removable and machine washable

It goes without saying that your pet's bed will get dirty, and definitely hairy. Be sure to double check each potential bed for washing instructions and some sort of closure on the cover. If your buddy is known for having accidents, I would also suggest getting one with a waterproof liner. 


 4. Aesthetics

We don't think Fido will be picky about looks, so this part comes down to your preference. You shouldn't have to sacrifice style for comfort, so why not look for a bed that compliments your home decor? With so many options out there for stylish and functional dog beds, there's bound to be something that catches your eye. 


5. Where will you put the bed?

Be sure that your space will accommodate your preferred bed size or shape. For narrow spaces, try a rectangular shape. For small corners, a more square or round bed will do the trick. Most styles should fit the space so long as they're the appropriate size. Along with your dog's size and preferred sleep position, the space you live in should be another deciding factor for the size of the bed you choose.

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