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How Mindful Are You? A Quiz

Mindfulness sounds so simple. After all, isn’t awareness instinctive? Watch a baby laugh, then stop to stare at someone or thing that has captivated her. Each moment is like a warm blanket on a chilly day, fully enveloping the child’s senses. Fast-forward a couple of decades. And it doesn’t seem nearly as easy to capture the moment. As an adult, attention fragments, and life becomes layered with experiences. Instead of happening naturally, being mindful seems to take conscious effort. To assist you on the path, here's a quiz, intended to offer some insight. Record your answers on a separate page, and find the key below.




Answer: Yes, No, or Sometimes


1) You enjoy reading slowly, going over specific passages

2) Changing your mood is difficult

3) When performing a task, your mind skips ahead to once it's finished

4) Listening is difficult and feels like hard work

5) When talking to a negative person, you absorb their energy

6) You take different routes when going to the same destination

7) You consider yourself intuitive and trust your instincts

8) You enjoy solitude and attend social events on your own 


True or False



9) You rarely feel sad or angry

10) You spend time thinking about things you wish you'd done differently

11) You like trying new foods, and experiment with different tastes

12) Meditation makes you uncomfortable

13) You dislike surprises

14) You can help procrastinating

15) You adore surprises

16) Time flies much too quickly


Answer Key 



1) Yes-3 No-0 Sometimes-2, 2) Yes-0 No-3 Sometimes-1, 3) Yes-0 No-3 Sometimes-1, 4) Yes-0 No-3 Sometimes-2, 5) Yes-0 No-3 Sometimes-1, 6) Yes-3 No-0 Sometimes-2, 7) Yes-3 No-0 Sometimes-2, 8) Yes-3 No-0 Sometimes-2


True or False

9) True-0 False-2, 10) True-0 False-3, 11) True-3 False-0, 12) True-0 False-2, 13) True-0 False-2, 14) True-0 False-3, 15) True-3 False-0, 16) True-0 False-3,


Score: 1 - 15 - Authentic Seeker


You have a true desire for increased awareness. And at times you do feel fully conscious. Unfortunately, these moments are elusive and slip away too fast. Unsure of how to increase mindfulness, you have tried meditating and Yoga but have difficulty maintaining a regular practice, and calming your mind in general. And when attempts don't go according to plan, you can be hard on yourself. Instead of moving forward, you become frustrated, wishing you'd done things differently.

Increased mindfulness begins with kindness toward yourself, at this moment. Feeling bad about how things might have gone will only chip away at your self-esteem. Take the lessons learned, integrate them into your life, and practice compassion toward yourself. Willingness to create change is essential. Luckily, this is already one of your gifts. Appreciate your ongoing progress and abilities. Feeling good about your efforts will contribute to overall positive energy, and emotional growth. Don't fret if you find it tough to stick to a Yoga and meditation practice. Begin focusing on breath-work (Pranayama). Start with the three part yogic breath. Commit to integrating this breath into your day at selected intervals, with the added intention of practicing compassion toward yourself. As you breathe, focus on your senses... By drawing awareness to your breath, you will gradually increase mindfulness in a gentle way. Soon it will become natural. And when you feel ready, move on to meditation and Yoga, only if you wish. Otherwise, talk long walks in nature, visit museums or galleries, or choose another way to create regular tranquil experiences.

Ask yourself daily: How can I release judgement toward myself today? What are my talents/gifts? 

16 - 30 - Evolving Sage


Putting in the work has brought you to a place of tangible change. No doubt you are on the path. Dedicated to growing emotionally, you crave learning and self-exploration. So you engage in one or more mindfulness practices daily. Still, you sense there's more to be done. You might be playing it safe, hesitant to push past certain blocks. Where can you turn for inspiration? Focus on trusting and deepening your intuition; you possess boundless untapped wisdom, longing to rise to the surface. Own your progress. And dare to expand your awareness, wherever that leads. 

If you aren’t already, then commit to meditation as a daily practice. Additionally, notice when you experience more clarity. If that means waking up earlier or spending more time alone, create the space needed. And take your awareness further still… Allow room for vulnerability. If you find it difficult to open up, you may wish to explore the work of Brené Brown on the subject. Don’t shy away from the darker, messy parts of yourself. Explore shadow work. Along with parts of yourself that have been overlooked, you may find surprising gifts. To achieve more emotional clarity, look for natural ways to enjoy your own company. Use this time to deepen your connection to your true nature and wisdom. 

Ask yourself daily: How do I feel today? What would bring me joy? 

31 + Sharer of Wisdom

Balance, focus, discipline: a dedication to mindfulness has contributed to your deeper sense of self-awareness. You are highly intuitive, able to access your own deeper wisdom. You radiate inner calm, and have learned to naturally mesh your mind, body and spirit. You view everything as part of an interconnected whole. You meditate, and partake in other mindfulness practices. You've managed to appreciate the joy and beauty in what may seem like ordinary moments to others. You have the ability to change your moods at will. Grounded in your own energy, you refrain from judging others, and rarely get caught up in negative thoughts.  

You enjoy the beauty of listening and freely do so. Many people would love to experience even a glimmer of your insight. For them, the path to awareness can be frustrating. Rather than continue on, inevitably some will become disheartened and give up.   

Now is the time to focus on generosity of spirit. Why not share your gifts? Naturally, you offer advice, kindness, and compassion to those you encounter. What you have achieved is rare and powerful… Continue helping. Seek out different ways to assist others, without personal gain. Selfless service can be extremely rewarding, and the joy you experience by helping others profound.

Ask yourself daily: What am I passionate about? How can I share today?



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