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National Donut Day with Cafe Dulce

What makes the perfect morning beverage and pastry combination? Is it the sweetness of a sugar-coated donut mixed with the bitterness of that first sip of coffee? Or maybe its a pair with matching flavors to keep things consistent? With National Donut Day on our heels, we knew we needed answers fast. So, we decided to recruit some genuine experts on the subject - our neighbors at Cafe Dulce.

We've long been visiting Cafe Dulce for the best donuts in Los Angeles, so we were excited for their tips on the perfect morning pairing. At their new DOS location at ROW DTLA, their team selected three perfect combos of hot, delicious drinks and indulgent sweets that would get any DTLA day started on the right foot. Though it was a painstakingly difficult decision, we have to say they nailed it - we can't pick a favorite! 

Watch the video below to see it all come together.




 Cafe Dulce's perfect pairs: 

  1. Pour-over Coffee and a Mocha Roti. This one's a match made in heaven for the hardcore coffee lover, and you'll definitely get your morning kick.
  2. Cappuccino and a Strawberry Cream Donut. We love this one because the bitter, creamy drink complements the sweet, fruity donut so well. And of course, latte art and pretty donuts are Instagram gold. 
  3. Green Tea and a Green Tea Donut. Another lovely partnership, but this one's a little bit lighter for when you're not in the mood for post-coffee jitters. 



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