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The Parentologist Talks Big Kid Beds

When our daughter started Kindergarten this year we knew she not only needed a big girl bed, she also needed to learn to have more ownership over her belongings, and responsibility around the house.

Being an educator and someone who worked in over 20 elementary schools implementing a positive behavioral support program, I knew she would best respond to a sticker chart! So we created a list together of 6 chores (for her age) that she would be responsible for each week. One of those chores is washing her sheets and making the bed (with my help)! Now that she has a big girl bed from Brentwood Home, she is more motivated than ever!

Each time she completes a weekly chore she earns sticker for each task. If she earns all 6 stickers, she earns something like 15 minutes on her Osmo or gets to stay up 30 minutes longer before going to bed. And when she fills up the chart at the end of the month, she gets to turn it in for a bigger prize like a trip to her favorite restaurant or a movie and popcorn date! It’s a win-win because she earns fun rewards and I get help getting chores done around the house! Plus it instills responsibility. Eventually the goal would be to move from an extrinsic reward to an intrinsic reward, but that will come with time, age, and maturity.

When we decided to buy her big girl bed, we wanted to get her a twin bed, knowing it would be big enough for her to sleep comfortably and also leave enough room in her bedroom to play. Plus the twin is practical for budget purposes. 

When she was sleeping in her toddler bed, we noticed she wasn’t very comfortable and would tend to sneak into our room in the middle of the night and crawl into our comfy bed. So we ended up getting her the same brand and style bed we had, but smaller, and it’s made a world of difference! She sleeps in her room all night long and is cozy and comfy.

How can you blame her? The quality of the Oceano mattress is truly incredible. Their luxury memory foam mattresses are Greenguard Gold Certified® and CertiPUR-US Certified® foams! And it makes me happy that’s she’s sleeping on a certified non-toxic material mattress! That’s why I love that Brentwood Home’s “California ethos” defines them, compelling them to create beautiful sleep products that promote healthy lifestyles and wellbeing.

And as a mom that doesn’t have much time to shop at a store, I love that the mattress can be ordered online from the comfort of your own home and is delivered right to your door in a no hassle box! If you are considering a bed for yourself or your child, I highly recommend an Oceano mattress from Brentwood Home. It’s quality you can feel!



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