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Everyday Magic - Find The Extraordinary in Each Day

Energy is a shapeshifter. It takes on infinite forms… Have you ever thought about someone you haven’t seen in eons, right before that person appeared in your orbit? Maybe you went for a walk in the park, meditated on challenge, and came up with a creative solution. Something as natural as gazing at a work of art, or listening to music, and letting it transport you… is a type of organic magic. Less enchanting and more ordinary… very often these moments go unnoticed.

 Wise women. Wizards. And medicine men: throughout history, in literature and art, there have always been enchanted beings that walked the earth. And enlightened souls; they possessed the uncanny ability to access otherworldly powers, often by harnessing nature’s gifts. In the ancient doctrine, over 2000 years old, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Patanjali writes of meditation, and also the siddhis, which are thought to unlock a Pandora’s box of supernatural powers.

The law of attraction. Manifesting... They’ve become household words. And yet, using your mind to influence energy has magical roots. Author and “intuitionist,” Laura Day, writes about psychic energy in her book “Practical Intuition: How to Harness the Power of Instinct and Make it Work for You.” Day sees intuition as a natural part of life, and writes, “We are all open to receiving intuitive information during childhood. Because we live in a society that teaches us to distrust anything but visible, tangible, scientific logic, however, this ability is trained out of us as we grow up.”


Even though intuitive instincts aren’t traditionally encouraged as you mature into adulthood, Day believes you can recultivate them. Using your breath to strengthen present moment awareness is essential. Day wants you to notice what you experience through your senses at any given moment; this help attune to your intuition. Try Day’s “Becoming a Mirror,” exercise to heighten awareness.  How do you do it?

Report “everything you are sensing, thinking, and feeling out loud,” writes Day. You can be seated or lying down. Just let the words flow... nonstop. Don’t censor anything. Write it all down. Even the most mundane detail.  If you become stuck, Day explains, “take a deep breath and focus on any one of your senses or thoughts.” It can be tricky to decode your thoughts and feelings. And hearing your intuitive voice can become overshadowed by external noise. By turning within to listen, you shine a light on your inner knowledge, and become more open to it.  

A different kind of holistic magic, we hear seldom hear about is “green magic.” Unlike spooky, broom-flying witches, the green witch’s practice is holistic, based on nature. Sabrina Rose Nelson is one such Green Witch. Green magic is in Sabrina’s heritage… Born into the tradition, passed down from her grandmother, who learned the practice from her mother, Sabrina harkens back to a long line of powerful spiritual women. To Sabrina, everyday magic is,“recognizing the sacredness and interconnectedness of all things.”

Staying healthy and green magic are intertwined. Sabrina says, “the most profound wellness practices are nature magic: herbal healing, grounding and spending time in nature, living cyclically and allowing yourself unapologetic rest. When you are in tune with nature and her cycles, wellness flows.” Magic isn’t something to be feared, but a source of joy and empowerment, open to all. According to Sabrina, “it starts with recognizing that you too are integral parts of nature, just as much as the trees and the ocean.”

For a peek into the healing traditions of green witchery, read on…

* Before using holistic remedies, always check side effects and make sure it is safe for you.


What should you have in a natural first aid kit? Even though Sabrina says your herbs are very personal and ought to be based on individual needs… The must-haves this green witch returns to are, “peppermint for headaches. Ginger and fennel for stomach aches and digestive woes. Lemon balm for stress. And valerian for sleep.”

To keep her mind sharp, Sabrina loves Gotu Kola, an Ayurvedic herb, whose leaves, she says, resembles a brain. Sabrina calls it ‘“the most stunning example of the "doctrine of signatures" (the idea that the look of a plant signals its function), as it is an incredible ally for mental focus and calm.”’

Flower Essences 

According to Sabrina, “If you're a sensitive person, flower essences can be very gentle, loving tools for grounding and protecting energy.” Sabrina adores, “a rose and yarrow essence; rose helps calm you down and open your heart, while yarrow is an incredibly protective ally for strengthening your boundaries and shielding against unwanted energies.” Sabrina also brews a, "heart opening tea," with equal parts yarrow, rose, motherwort, lavender, and hibiscus.”


Feeling lackluster and want to connect with your natural energy source? Sabrina recommends, “spend time in the natural world, especially around plants and bodies of water. And try working with energizing crystals such as citrine and carnelian.”

Are their ways to deal with negative vibrations, and/or difficult people? Sabrina suggests, turning back to protective crystals, such as “onyx, black tourmaline, and hematite.” However, if you’ve absorbed negative energy you want to shake, Sabrina suggests an environmental change, “get outside and either sit or place your bare feet on the earth, and visualize the unwanted energy flowing from you to the ground.”

The Moon’s Influence

Sabrina keeps “a moon journaling practice,” which she says helps enhance creativity, while it simultaneously aligns thoughts and actions with the phases of the moon. 

How does it work? Sabrina explains, “take an idea you have during the new moon and nurture it for a full cycle. Brainstorm as the moon turns from new to crescent… Take action as the moon moves towards full. And use the light of the full moon to see the big picture. Then refine during the waning moon.”

Sabrina says this ritual “helps with emotional processing: you have greater access to your heavier, more subconscious emotions during the balsamic moon, and have an easier time releasing at the full moon.” 

Magical Ordinary Places

How can you make magic part of your daily practice? Sabrina says, do something like adding “a cup of herbal tea to your evening routine.” And she stresses the importance of cultivating a connection to nature, wherever you live. Sabrina suggests various ways to do so, such as, “step outside and gaze at the moon. Plant some flowers. Get a plant for your bedroom. Place a crystal on your nightstand.” The process of attuning to nature can offer profound rewards… As Sabrina says, “The earth has so much wisdom for us. We simply have to be still enough to hear it.”

Leaves change colors, practically before your eyes… The warmth of a hug transforms your mood… When you least expect, events in your life synchronize and new opportunities flow. Listen to your inner voice. Appreciate these natural gifts. As you look deeper at ordinary moments, unseen aspects will reveal themselves. Soon, each day will transform into a mystery in disguise, threaded with hints of magic.



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