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Why we choose Dunlop

Dunlop and Talalay. These two terms are a mystery to most people. But, it is important to know just what goes into the make of your mattress, and what it means for you and your sleep environment.

The Dunlop process and the Talalay process are the two main processes by which natural latex products are formed. Both processes begin with liquid latex, or sap from the rubber tree, being poured into a mold and then placed into a vulcanization oven to be baked to its solid form. Finally, both latex materials are washed thoroughly.

The Talalay process is a more recent advancement in the production of natural latex, and it took applied new technology to the process that aren't ideal for quality and long-term support. The Talalay process involves leaving some space in the latex mold to be expanded by a vacuum. Next, the mold is frozen and filled with carbon dioxide, causing the latex to condense to a gel form. From here it is baked to its solid form and washed thoroughly. However, by being expanded and filled with carbon dioxide, the Talalay process gives the mattress and latex layer a less dense support system.

Though its a bit more costly, this variation in density is just one of the reasons Brentwood Home chooses Dunlop processed latex vs Talalay. 

Why we choose Dunlop latex:

  • It uses a simpler and more energy efficient process.
  • It creates a durable and long-lasting latex mattress, unlike the Talalay process which creates a less dense and weaker latex layer. 
  • The process is chemical free and uses no synthetic materials, creating an eco-friendly product that you'll love sleeping on. 


By using Dunlop processed latex to create our mattresses, we hope to provide our customers with the highest quality, all natural products like our new Cedar green mattress. Learn more about it here.