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Crystal Cove Yoga Cushions

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The Crystal Cove Yoga Collection is 100% Certified Vegan by Vegan Action. This means the products are free from animal products (like feathers, wool and down) or byproducts that have been tested on animals. If you practice a vegan lifestyle, you can rest assured that your Crystal Cove products are aligned with your values.

Certified Vegan

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The Yoga Cushion Bundle

Save when you choose the full Crystal Cove experience, including our Oval Meditation Cushion, Yoga Bolster, and Pranayama Yoga cushion.

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Crystal Cove Oval Meditation Yoga Cushion

Designed by LA yoga instructor Angela Kukhahn, this cushion brings just enough height and support to your meditation practice.

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Crystal Cove Square Meditation Cushion

Wide and supportive enough to use for meditation on its own — or as a seat cushion. Works in concert with our Crystal Cove Oval Meditation Cushion and discover new variations of your favorite poses.

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The Yoga Bolster Cushion

Our yoga bolster gives extra support where it’s needed, whether you’re in Savasana or a handstand.

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The Pranayama Yoga Cushion

Perfect for Iyengar Yoga Pranayama practice, the Pranayama Cushion assists with deep breathing exercises.

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GOTS Organic Yoga Mats

One of the world's only GOTS® organic certified yoga mats. Soft, cushioned, absorbent, 100% organic certified cotton, with a non-stick base of 100% natural latex for grip. Easy cleaning & great for hot yoga! Comes in 6 beautiful colors.

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Restorative Leg Lift Cushion

Raise your legs and ease tension or swelling, as well as back or knee pain.

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Replacement Covers

Give your Crystal Cove Yoga Collection a new look with replacement covers that extend the life of your cushion.

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