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Dreamy Bedside Displays

What goes around your bed is almost as important as what goes on it.

We’re a pretty big fan of well curated bedsides, just in case you couldn’t already tell from our extensive Pinterest board. While the limited amount of surface space needs to remain functional, it’s easy to throw in a bit of your own personal style to the display. After you deck out your Brentwood Home mattress with the best in natural and luxury bedding, here’s a list of ways to spruce up your nightstand. It can be more than just a home for your charging phone!

Psst - the Made in LA companies are our favorite, of course.

Vintage Speaker/Radio

urban outfitters marshall radio bedside home decor nightstand vintage cute

Photo: Tessa Barton

Jam in style! With it's vintage appeal, the above speaker from Marshall Headphones can play music through Bluetooth, and it's so light that you can take it with you anywhere. Available in a few fun colors, the Songbird Radio by Crosley is a mini radio that will both dress up your bedside and get you going in the morning with your favorite tunes. If you're not feeling the AM/FM waves, you can play off of your MP3 player's library, too. 

Real vintage radios are a pretty easy thrift find as well, but make sure you test it out before you leave the store (sometimes they're donated because of technical issues). Even if it doesn't work, you may find a lovely antique that makes a great statement piece. 





Inspirational Art

inspirational wall art motivational quote etsy digital print baloedesigns great day happy smile love

Photo: BaloeDesigns on Etsy

Since your bedside is often the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning, make sure it brings a positive start to your day. Etsy is a great place to look for original artwork that will inspire and motivate you to take on the world (or a Monday morning). We love this floral print from LA based designer, BaloeDesigns. Best of all, it comes to you as an instant digital download, so you can get started dressing up your space ASAP. Bring on the positive vibes!


Accent Lamp

modern table desk lamp the cross jillian harris interior design

Photo: Janis Nicolay for PopSugar

Small accent lamps will add a soft glow to your dreamy display. We love this crisp, modern lamp from The Cross shown in Jillian Harris's sweet Vancouver abode. Not only does it look elegant, it provides the perfect amount of light for a little bit of bedtime reading. 

Catch All Dish

michelle luu ceramics trinket dish handmade etsy los angeles

Photo: Michelle Luu Pottery on Etsy

As much as we’d like to keep it looking spic and span, our bedside table often turns out to be the place we toss the items we don’t know what to do with. Trinket dishes are perfect for catching jewelry or the bits and pieces that may not have a permanent home. We love these ceramic dishes in rich colors and speckled prints from LA-based ceramicist, Michelle Luu

If you’re feeling crafty, Hello Glow has a simple DIY tutorial to create your own dishes from clay. Choose your own shape, size, and color to make a dish that’s perfect for your very own dream space. Make it shine with metallic accents! 

Cord Organizer

brentwood home how to make a cord organizer diy bedroom bedside table organization storage

Photo: Everyday Dishes

Keep this small space as clutter-free as possible. Binder clips make for an easy way to organize the cords that are usually found strewn about your bedside surface. Create your own customized labels or spruce it up with clips in different colors and patterns. Find the full DIY instructions here

Knick Knacks

Little Ceramic Miniature in White Clay and Red Fox Shaped. Ready To Ship

Photo: Barruntando on Etsy

Fun figurines are a must for a whimsical bedside display. Scour the web to find a tiny sculpture of your favorite animal (we love these mini foxes from Barruntando on Etsy), or check out vintage and thrift stores for unique antiques to put on display. Have you ever been gifted a strange knick knack from a relative and had no clue what to do with it? Your bedside display could be its perfect home. 

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