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Bedside Bouquets



Fresh florals bring life into a room like no other piece of decor can. The perfect arrangement is like an instant mood booster — it’s been largely reported that bringing a bit of the outdoors into your home can lift your spirits and improve your psychological well-being.

In our opinion, the best time to soak in these benefits is first thing in the morning. It’s impossible not to feel energized and refreshed waking up on your handcrafted bed to vibrant colors and sweet fragrances. Your bedside table is the perfect place to display a little piece of nature, and it’s so fun flexing your creative muscle to create a bouquet that perfectly suits your dream space.

The talented floral designers at Wild Roots LA lent us their green thumbs for this Freshen Session on building the perfect summer-time arrangement for your bedside. These vastly different finished products show how creative you can get with florals — the same blooms can create a lush, billowing display or a simple and sweet accent piece. Follow these easy steps to create one of your own. The only rule is being creative!


brentwood home wild roots bedside bouquet diy floral design



1) Choose your vase

Choose your vase! The perfect vase ties your arrangement and the rest of your decor together in perfect harmony. We’d recommend choosing your vase before you start plotting your arrangement — it will affect how many florals you need to gather, along with how tall and wide your bouquet needs to be.



2) Find your florals

brentwood home wild roots los angeles floral design wedding diy bouquet

Wild Roots recommends foraging in your backyard or neighborhood (day trip idea!) for greens and wildflowers, or purchasing from your local florist. Keep your bedroom decor in mind — do you want to match your current color scheme or make it pop with a contrasting accent color? No pressure, we’ve never seen a flower we didn’t like.

You should be looking for a handful of greenery to serve as the base of your arrangement, along with some “statement florals” that you really want to highlight. For these bedside arrangements, Wild Roots stuck to a color scheme of white and cool shades of blue and purple.



3) Lay out your piecesdiy floral design bouquet bedroom decor brentwood home wild roots los angeles

It gives you a chance to bask in the beauty of what you’ve collected, and it will help you decide what pieces you really want to make sure are highlighted.

For greenery, Wild Roots rounded up some beautiful mock orange and geranium. Nigella, lavender and viburnum berries provided a cool color palette, while the peonies and scabiosa gave a crisp pop of white. The scabiosas were our favorite - so cute and scruffy!



4) Clean up any dead or unwanted leaves

brentwood home wild roots los angeles diy floral arrangement bouquet wedding design

Depending on how large the opening of your vase is, you may need to clear most of the leaves from the bottom of your stems. You want to be sure you can fill it up as much as possible! You should avoid having any leaves touch the water - they can get grubby pretty quickly. Simply trim unwanted leaves at the stem and toss them aside. 



5) Start with greenery

brentwood home wild roots diy floral design bouquet bedroom decor

wild roots brentwood home los angeles floral design wedding bouquet home decor

Begin your bouquet with the greenery you chose for the base of the arrangement. Wild Roots filled out the base of the arrangement with a generous amount of mock orange stems. The first bouquet also incorporated a bit of fresh, luxuriant geranium.


6) Fill in with your statement blooms

floral design brentwood home wild roots los angeles wedding bouquetbrentwood home wild roots los angeles floral design wedding bouquet decor

This is where it all comes together! For the first bouquet, Wild Roots started with lengthy stems of nigella (also known as love-in-a-mist) in the prettiest shade of periwinkle. Next, navy blue viburnum berries were placed at the front of the bouquet. These berries looked unreal - we couldn’t believe their metallic blue color!

Lush, white scabiosas and peonies were placed next. The crisp blooms immediately brightened the bouquet and turned it into the perfect summer bedroom staple.

brentwood home wild roots los angeles floral design wedding bouquet diy

Our mini-bouquet started with a perfectly placed peony. Next, Wild Roots surrounded it with scabiosa, nigella, and beautifully blue viburnum berries. This little vase was just bursting with plush petals!



7) Be free with it!

brentwood home wild roots los angeles blog diy bouquet wedding

brentwood home wild roots los angeles diy floral bouquet

Be free with it! If you see a spot that looks bare, fill it in with a fun accent. Wild Roots took dainty bits of lavender (which smelled amazing) and arranged them where the bouquet looked like it needed a pop of purple. One of the best parts of building an arrangement like this is that it’s reversible. You can change your bouquet's look to fit your mood whenever you want. Get creative, try out different placements, and remember that you can always change it later.



8) Take care!

Your flowers will last longer and love you more if you change their water daily. It will eliminate mold and any loose bits and pieces that may fall inside your vase. Trimming the stems daily is also recommended — it will give them a fresh start and make it easier for them to receive water more easily. Make sure your scissors are sharp! Dull blades could crush your stem and shorten your flowers' life span. 


And here they are, they finished products. A bouquet like one of these on your bedside table wouldn’t be such a bad sight to wake up to in the morning!

brentwood home wild roots los angeles floral design diy

Feeling inspired? We’d love to see a photo of your perfect bedside bouquet sitting next to your handcrafted bed. Share your photos on Instagram and tag us using @brentwoodhome and #wildrootsla.

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