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Simple Ways to Clean the Air in Your Home

Cleaning the air in your home is just as important as cleaning the bathtub (and a whole lot easier).  Since we spend 90% of our time indoors we need to make the air we breathe as clean as possible.  A short list of indoor pollutants include: cleaning products, personal products, building materials, paint, and non-natural furniture and upholstery. Here are some quick tips to freshen the air in your home.


Take Your Shoes Off

We bring a lot of outdoor polluters like pesticides and other chemicals into our homes just by walking in the front door.  Everything that we step on with our shoes is dragged into our homes impacting the indoor air quality. The first step to cleaning the air in our homes is to take our shoes off outside - this really is the first line of defense.


Add Plants

One way to clean the air in your home while also making it look beautiful and cozy, is to add plants. Plants act as a filiation system in our homes to clean the air.  Below is a list of plants that clean the air in your home. Find a few that work with your design aesthetic and add them to your home decor.

-Aloe Vera – Peace Lily – Bamboo Palm – Spider Plant – Garden Mum – Gerber Daisy


Open the Windows

Some research shows that the air in our homes is more polluted than the air outside.  Being indoors make the pollutants more concentrated because, with limited ventilation, there is nowhere for the pollutants to disperse. Try to open the windows in your home once a day.  Getting the air circulating in your home with send the dirty air out and bring fresher, clean air inside.


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