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Morning Routines | Yogi, Mom, and Handstand Expert Holly Fiske

You may know Holly Fiske as the author of the nationally published book The Book of Handstands, or as the co-owner of the adventure apparel brand, Wild Movements LLC. But that's not all  she’s also the mother of two "wild" little ones, a sponsored yogi and stand up paddle board athlete, and a teacher of Yoga Medicine. You'll find her sharing her passion for motherhood, handstands, and exploring the Pacific Northwest as @upsidedownmama on Instagram, where over 100k audience members follow her on her adventures.
That's a lot to do in one day! We’re so inspired by Holly’s active lifestyle and her love for her homes in the PNW and the outdoors. For the first in our Morning Routines series, we asked Holly how she starts a typical day in order to put her best foot forward.


Are you more of a night owl or an early bird?

Good morning! I practically click my heels as I jump out of bed. I have been known to weed a garden or paint a fence before my youngest child wakes up. I believe in starting the day by stimulating the senses. No television, no zoning out on the phone… it's a new, exciting day! By five o’clock, I start to pick more calming activities followed shortly by a glass of red wine.


How many times do you typically hit snooze in the morning?

No alarm clock for me, please! I am an early riser anyways, but nothing throws off my day like waking up via beeps. If I do have to use the alarm clock for some reason, I never hit the snooze button, but I wake up all night in anticipation of the alarm... *sigh*
My husband, however, will hit it repeatedly until he is reminded with a gentle nudge that letting it go off one more time could mean his wife will be the next alarm he hears. Unfortunately, I am up since the first beep.


What Brentwood Home essentials do you wake up with?

I wake up with the most comforting mattress in the world: the Mirador.  I have never slept better. This is coming from someone that has suffered with sleeping issues their entire life and sought treatment for it. Aside from the insomnia, before my Mirador mattress, I was experiencing a loss of circulation to my right arm during sleep. Now, I sleep with all limbs flowing appropriately throughout the night.
Straying from the question a bit the Brentwood Home essential I cannot fall asleep without is my Crystal Cove meditation pillow. I use it every evening to meditate and to set the intention for a good nights sleep.


What’s your morning beverage of choice?

I am a hot, black coffee kind of girl. I am not particular if it is via french press, percolator or pour over, but I do prefer the non-automatic and non-electric variety. There is an art to the more manual methods and it shows with the taste. It doesn't hurt that the extra effort aids in the waking up process, whether you like it or not.  


What’s your favorite breakfast or brunch spot?

My favorite brunch spot is Mama’s Coffee Shop on the island of Maui in Keokea, HI. It's a trek up the mountain, but so worth it. The atmosphere, food, and occasional musician make it especially magical, but it's also situated next to the most perfect road/path I have ever had the pleasure to walk on. Oprah loved it so much that she bought a massive amount of property at the same location. A perfect brunch to me is at Mama’s Coffee Shop, followed by the most peaceful walk in the world.


What’s the one morning ritual you can’t function without?

My kids know exactly where to find me when they wake up. Even my two year old will wake up on her own and make her way outside to the garden. The first thing I do is grab my hot cup of coffee and the second thing I do is go outside. I like to wake up outside and I usually stay outside until there is no sun left to play under. Hence why my children do the same.



Right now, Holly’s helping us run the #FlowToSleep meditation challenge on Instagram along with fellow yogi Angela Kukhahn. You can find out how to enter here

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