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Start Your Day the Yoga Way

This article comes from our guest blogger, Ali (Freckled Yogi), a passionate yogi finding time to balance school, work and yoga.

Every new year comes  comes with new  fad diets, “superfoods,” packed gyms and a renewed vow to be healthier and  more conscious.  

I have always considered myself to be a morning person, but never paid much attention to my morning routines, the extent of which included finding enough time to eat and have a cup of coffee.

Last summer I attended a 200 hour yoga teacher training - and it was here that I really dived into the idea of having a morning ritual and really sticking to it.

In the training we learned about principles of  Ayurveda - which directly translates to “life” and “science” or “knowledge.” Ayurveda is  one of the oldest health and wellness systems, but is  still widely used today

As western culture begins to pick up on the centuries old benefits, I was intrigued by the importance the Ayurvedic way of life places on having and sticking to a morning ritual. Some of the first things you do in the morning set the tone for the rest of your day. It’s essential to start the day with a positive attitude and take the time to realign your mind and body.

Try a couple of these practices to see how you can bring a new light and energy to each  day:

  • Begin the  day by bringing movement back into your body - stretch your flexed feet up to the ceiling and roll your ankles in slow, steady circles.
  • Move through a couple of sun salutations to get the blood flowing.
  • Find a comfortable seat for your morning meditation.

I set up my Brentwood Home Meditation Pillow next to my window so I can connect with my breath as the sun begins to rise.

Seated on top of the pillow with legs crossed at the ankles, place your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your belly. Close your eyes and sit tall, extending the crown of your head to the ceiling.

Take breaths in and out for three seconds, then 10 breaths in and out for four seconds, continue in this pattern until you can no longer increase your time. Finally, continue breathing at your capacity for 10 – 20 more rounds.

  • Have a glass of room temperature water with lemon.
  • Clean your face with warm water or a gentle face wash.
  • Brush and floss your teeth, a clean mouth is essential in  Ayurvedic living.
  • Massage body oil into your skin.
  • Eat a filling and wholesome breakfast, ensuring a sufficient amount of protein to keep you full until the next meal.

With Love and Gratitude,

Ali, Freckled Yogi

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