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We handcraft hundreds of mattresses every day. Here’s how:

Brentwood Home has been in business for over 30 years, and from the beginning, we’ve handcrafted every mattress right here in Los Angeles. We believe process is as important as product. How your bed is made shapes the experience you enjoy each night. We want every one of our mattresses to feel tailormade, which is why we take pride in carefully handcrafting every bed we sell. Find out more about how we do that below.

Mattresses built the traditional way

Most mattress companies simply buy their materials from different factories and assemble them to make a mattress. Prefabbed foam layers from one factory are glued together and zipped in a cover made by a separate factory. The result is a generic, hot, and inconsistent feeling mattress.

That’s not how we do business. Our beds are made from the bottom up. We take a traditional approach, having adapted our process through decades of handcrafting experience. New materials and technologies have revolutionized the industry and our work – but we stick the same principles on which we were founded. Quality, durability, attention to detail, and all natural materials.

Tufted layers for maximum comfort

Every one of our mattresses is laced, top to bottom, with sturdy wool rope. Instead of sticking layers to each other with air-blocking adhesives, we use that natural wool cord to secure the mattress’s component parts. This provides significantly more durability and greater stability than traditional adhesives. Most importantly, it offers the coolest night possible!

All our materials prepared in house

We ethically source materials from across the world – always natural, organic, and non-toxic. Instead of relying on other companies to build the parts of our mattresses, we turn our globally sourced materials into covers, bedding, cushioning and more. This gives us fine-tuned control of the entire process, providing ultimate responsiveness to our customers’ needs.

We believe it also makes for a superior mattress. Our digital design process and precision foam cutting machinery allows for specially shaped foam layers that give targeted pressure relief. And since our mattresses are always made with a customer in mind, we handcraft them with care, and never let them sit around in a warehouse collecting dust.


We emphasize excellence in every step, and we wouldn’t have it any other day.          

Try one of our luxurious mattresses today – enjoy free shipping and a 120 day trial period. If it isn’t perfect, we’ll take it back on us.

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