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How to Use a Wedge Pillow: Bed Wedge Pillow Benefits

Congratulations! You have a new Brentwood Home wedge pillow — and it looks fantastic. But do you know all the ways you can use this versatile pillow to customize the perfect rest? The gentle slope of our wedge pillows are designed to support you no matter how you choose to position them — and there are so many ways to switch it up. 

1. Upright Recline 


Streaming your favorite show or reading from bed? Place the short, wide end of your wedge pillow on your mattress with the long, flat side against your wall or headboard. You’ll be able to sit up straight, reclining slightly, at the most ergonomic angle for watching TV or curling up with your favorite book or magazine. Rather than leaning against a cold, hard wall or headboard, the cushion of your wedge pillow will hug you back, giving you a comfortable place to enjoy your downtime.

2. A Gentle Slope For Back Sleep

Brentwood Home Ways to Use a Wedge Pillow

Giving your upper body just a bit of height during sleep can be one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to improve several common health issues. Many people who suffer from respiratory issues and sleep apnea find that by sleeping at an incline anywhere between 30 to 45 degrees, pressure is taken off the airway and their symptoms start to improve. This gentle incline can also soothe issues with coughing or acid reflux by allowing gravity to keep acid from reaching the throat and causing discomfort.

3. A Gentle Slope For Side Sleep

Brentwood Home Ways to Use a Wedge Pillow

Side sleepers who use a wedge pillow to sleep at an incline will also find relief for health issues like sleep apnea and acid reflux. Plus, using a wedge pillow for side sleep will offer greater support to your neck and shoulders, allowing your body to fall into the perfect neutral position. You can adjust where your head falls on the pillow, choosing between a subtle incline or sitting up higher when it feels right.

4. Pressure Relief

Using a Wedge Pillow to Elevate Legs for Better Circulation

Placing the wedge pillow under your knees can relieve pressure on your lower back and also improve circulation in the legs, which helps with tired muscles and sore, swollen feet. Correcting issues with circulation prevents further health complications like varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

5. A Pro Placement

How to Use a Wedge Pillow

Sometimes our bedrooms can turn into a bit of an office space. If you’re sending emails before bed or working from home in the afternoon, place your wedge pillow on your lap and use it as a mini desk for your laptop or tablet. This position keeps your device at a comfortable angle and allows your wrists to relax on the pillow as you work away.


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