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Tagged: Meditation

Mindfulness Books We Love

If you’ve found your thoughts wandering or life moving faster than you can process it, mindfulness is a helpful pra...
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Everything You Need to Know About Sun Gazing Meditation

There’s a new health and wellness trend that’s getting a lot of buzz: sun gazing meditation. But what is it exactly...
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How to Use The Crystal Cove Oval Meditation Cushion

Sitting on a meditation cushion looks incredibly easy to an observer. After all, isn't the whole point to relax and...
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Easy Ways to Introduce Mindfulness to Kids

Many of us probably remember ourselves as wonderful children. The type who always listened, never threw temper tant...
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4 Easy Ways to Be Mindful This Summer

It’s exciting — and even a bit overwhelming — to emerge this summer after so many of us spent the majority of the l...
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